Coming to be:
Learning that we are so much more than what we do; that words and actions are matters of reflecting, instead of determining our worth and identity:  What a process!


We have all heard sayings like, “We’re human beings; not human doings.”  This is absolutely true; it’s getting there at heart level that requires a journey of discovery, healing, learning and change.
We try all sorts of self improvement; a wide variety of industries try to “help” us look and feel better….
We go for the right job, seek the perfect relationships with people who will help us feel good about ourselves…
And on it goes.

I think the biggest challenge in all of this is coming to the knowledge that we already ARE.  We can rest in that; there is nothing we must or can do to be more human.  We don’t put the same amount of effort into getting our animals to be more fully feline or canine; we recognize that they are as “cat” or “dog” as they’re going to be.  We accept roses as they are and enjoy them; let us extend the same kind of mercy and acceptance to ourselves.



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