Wholeness has been a fashionable word for many years, so its meaning  is worth consideration.
I have often had people tell me I am not whole, because I can’t see.  They are missing the point.
Wholeness is not about perfection in mind, emotions or body.  It is not about being flawless in thought, word or deed.

It is about knowing and accepting ourselves as we are, strengths, frailty, quips, down side and all.
Wholeness includes our whole process of growing, healing, learning, accomplishing, rest, enjoyment and delight.  It is made of our dreams, hopes, fears, doubts, struggles and victory.
As a whole person, I grant myself the same mercy, compassion, hope, joy, peace and love that god shows me.
There seems to be a strong temptation to make up for who we are or to be more than what we have been created to be:  We work so hard to live and do beyond our limits, hiding in shame and embarrassment when we think we have been or done less than we should.
That is not God’s way for us.  He says we are good, remarkably and wonderfully made.
Papa likes to brag about His kids!


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