Sometimes, when life seems too hard and I’m overwhelmed, I go into my quiet place and rest.  I have learned that too much, too fast only breaks me down.
Then, when I have worked diligently and a job is well done, I enjoy my sense of satisfaction.  Again, I rest.
On other days, when there is no need to hurry; nothing is pressing or crying out for urgent attention, I slow my pace:  There will be a need to rush on some other day; I rest.
Often, “rest” is a walk around the neighborhood or time spent reading a book.  Then there are seasons to sit in the garden swing, listening to all of the sounds in the neighborhood.
Every part of me needs this vital activity – or lack thereof:  My spirit, soul, mind and body.
There are plenty of thieves who try to steal rest from me:  Stress, demand, activities, inner struggles, busy-ness; but I have a very good doorkeeper, who knows how essential taking time off, ceasing from all work, enjoying pleasures and really attending to myself are.
So I will continue to rest, even when I work or become involved with others:  One important fact is, rest is as much a state of mind and heart as it is anything.


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