There are moments in our lives when we make decisions; some are good, some not so great; that impact us for years.
The less helpful kind are ones like,
“I’ll never forgive _______.”
“I’ll never trust people again.”
“I need not try; I’m worthless; I can’t succeed.”

But then, there are those “Ah-ha” points of decision that are strong and powerful.  I am thinking of a couple from my own life:

One day, I was beating my way along a city street in Salem, Oregon with my white cane.  As clear as anyone might say it to me, I heard, “You know, you’ll either overcome this disability or it will overcome you.”  My decision was made in that instant.  I found courage, strength, more determination than I already had; I finished my first college degree.  As the years progressed, I completed my first Masters degree, worked for a while; then completed my second one and worked for a lot of years after that.  I founded a few services and groups and managed to accomplish some other things.  I’m still at it.

Another important “ah-ha” happened in a therapy session when I was in my late 20’s.  I had been working on repressed memories of abuse and messages from my childhood.  My therapist asked me at one point, “So how long would you like to do the same thing to yourself that your parents did?”  “Okay!  Now would be a good time to stop, yeah!”


It took some years, work, learning and healing.  The turning point, however, was in that moment.

I can think of several other times like these two.  I’m grateful for each one.  They have guided my steps so that I have a happy, successful life.

If you want to do something encouraging and uplifting for yourself, sit down with your computer or good, old fashioned paper.  Write about your “Ah-ha” moments that have set you on life-giving paths.  Aren’t they wonderful!


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