How can it be
That thoughts and feelings
Can be so old;
Yet so new,
all at the same time?

What is this thing
Called experience,
Yet different;
That challenges us so?

Are they blessings
In subtle disguise
To help us grow,
Make us strong;
Part of who we are?

How do we know
That we are choosing
Paths to wholeness
Set for us,
Holding such promise?

Though we don’t see
The work being done
By healing grace,
She builds us,
She’s making us whole.

On this journey
Through something called life,
Hope and wisdom
Go with me
Until I finish.



  1. By “She builds us,
    She’s making us whole”
    Who do you refer to as ” she”- healing grace ?
    These days I am learning to analyse poetry and that’s why the question.

    • Healing grace seems like a woman, just as wisdom is called, especially in the Book of Proverbs. Given my bent as one who follows Jesus, I would also say that I think of the Holy Spirit as the one who shows us the “mother heart of God.” Hannah

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