Our  past is part of who we are:  It’s hurts, wounds, healing, lessons and accomplishments all join to create the life we have today.
I often hear people say that we should just forget it.  WE really can’t though.  That is like trying to leave ingredients out of chocolate chip cookies or let go of the physical growth that brings us to our height and size.  It’s like trying to hide or deny  features such as blue eyes and blonde hair.
The truth is, our strengths and gifting often come from all that has happened, even the very painful, difficult things.
When I was considering a career as a psychotherapist, I told a friend that I didn’t see how the abuse and struggles of my past would make work in mental health possible.  She replied, “That’s what befits you, my dear.”
So, where from here?  How do we draw from the lives we have had without letting unworthy things rule?
Oh, forgive, learn, heal, gain perspective; then move forward into the unknown.

We can only build with the materials we have been given; we travel on the paths where we find ourselves.
Take courage; be blessed as you are; move forward with great anticipation, confidence and joy!



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