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Coming to be:
Learning that we are so much more than what we do; that words and actions are matters of reflecting, instead of determining our worth and identity:  What a process!


We have all heard sayings like, “We’re human beings; not human doings.”  This is absolutely true; it’s getting there at heart level that requires a journey of discovery, healing, learning and change.
We try all sorts of self improvement; a wide variety of industries try to “help” us look and feel better….
We go for the right job, seek the perfect relationships with people who will help us feel good about ourselves…
And on it goes.

I think the biggest challenge in all of this is coming to the knowledge that we already ARE.  We can rest in that; there is nothing we must or can do to be more human.  We don’t put the same amount of effort into getting our animals to be more fully feline or canine; we recognize that they are as “cat” or “dog” as they’re going to be.  We accept roses as they are and enjoy them; let us extend the same kind of mercy and acceptance to ourselves.



Sometimes I think
We should dress up as clowns;
Then go to a mall
Or walk around town;

Take a long drink
Of hilarious joy;
Until we all laugh
And humor employ.

Then with light hearts,
And our minds free to know
We’re really okay;
Let seriousness go.

We can find peace
In our imperfection,
Accepting ourselves
With kind affection.

A bit of mirth
Is an effective cure
For somber regard
And being unsure.

So lighten up;
And give yourself a break;
Laugh a little more
Your life is at stake.


I threw my running shoes away today.  It was a big decision:  This means that, when life gets uncomfortable and I feel overwhelmed, I need to stay present.

I’ve had them for a lot of years.  They were developed through a number of situations, wounds and dynamics that caused me to “exit.”  (Old Snagglepuss had nothing over me!)

There are lots of ways to run:
Physically leaving
Burying oneself in activities and obligations
Becoming so involved in others, there is no room for oneself

Avoiding deep thought or conversation
Drinking and drugging
And oh so many more

Sometimes, running is wise.  If you are in a hurtful situation, please have the good sense to get out of there!

Then, there is the running that hurts instead of helping, when relationships can’t grow or we are so outside of ourselves we can’t be present.  This often happens when we have been through trauma.  At the time, it was a helpful tool, but later, it will kill us, sometimes physically; most times emotionally.

What color are your running shoes?  How do you escape the pain of your past and the challenges of your present?  what will it take for you to throw them away?  Who will help you?

For me, the choice to stop running is wonderful!  I feel whole and free; I can be present to myself and others; joy, peace, hope, love and beauty are mine.


Every time I discover
That I have healed some more;
That I have grown and changed,
I feel so grateful.

Every time wounds uncovered
Are cleansed and soothed away,
I receive such comfort
And strength for my soul.

My heart fills with gratitude
As I become stronger;
I learn who I truly am
And delight in life.


Wholeness has been a fashionable word for many years, so its meaning  is worth consideration.
I have often had people tell me I am not whole, because I can’t see.  They are missing the point.
Wholeness is not about perfection in mind, emotions or body.  It is not about being flawless in thought, word or deed.

It is about knowing and accepting ourselves as we are, strengths, frailty, quips, down side and all.
Wholeness includes our whole process of growing, healing, learning, accomplishing, rest, enjoyment and delight.  It is made of our dreams, hopes, fears, doubts, struggles and victory.
As a whole person, I grant myself the same mercy, compassion, hope, joy, peace and love that god shows me.
There seems to be a strong temptation to make up for who we are or to be more than what we have been created to be:  We work so hard to live and do beyond our limits, hiding in shame and embarrassment when we think we have been or done less than we should.
That is not God’s way for us.  He says we are good, remarkably and wonderfully made.
Papa likes to brag about His kids!


Life is like a walk through the forest.
There are so many things to see, hear, feel and smell!
Paths wind through trees and underbrush;
Uphill and down, around corners and under old snags;
Hiding our destination in mystery.

Unknowing is part of the journey.
We never really see far ahead, if at all.
Discovery seems to be the point;
Our life-long process of learning and growth important,
Until that happy day when we have arrived.


The thunder storm
That moved through the valley
With strong winds and rain,
Is finally gone.

The hard struggles

That have moved through my soul,
With turmoil and pain
Are moving on.

Now all is calm,
Peace and stillness prevail
I feel whole and sane
I become strong.

No storms brew now;
It’s so quiet within;
Such a sweet refrain
Is my new song.