Sometimes, I think dividing my inner world From the one around me is like sorting laundry.   I also think it can be just as messy.
What belongs to me?
whose is this other thing?

I have yet to find a flawless way to do this, especially when relationships and situations confuse me; when the feelings are so varied and powerful.

Here is a bit of what I understand:
The thoughts, interpretations and feelings are mine.  They are valuable:  That is how I know my own experience.
Others’ words and actions belong to them.  I can’t make them think, say or do anything.
This one works in reverse:  They don’t have that kind of power over me either.

I am learning to draw aside when thoughts and feelings overwhelm; during times of confusion:  If I am to walk out each day of my life, I have to get my footing.


Colors and whites;
Darks and brights;
Delicate here;
Bluejeans there;
It’s time to sort the laundry.

Thought, feeling,
These are my own
I alone
Take responsibility.

Not for me
Not meant to be
Are words and things
Another brings
That power is his completely.

Sometimes I rest
To know best
The lines between
“Them” and me.
Till I can see more clearly.

Then I can find
Peace of mind;
My footing sure,
Heart secure;
I learn to live more truly.


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