In his book, “Reaching Out.” Henri Nuwen said that we need to put our spiritual measuring sticks away:  We can’t find either end, and we can’t read it anyway.  As tempting as it is for us to check our own progress, we really can’t and such an endeavor is more hurtful than good.
This poem is written with that in mind.

I looked for my measuring stick:
I wanted to look at my soul:
Had I healed and grown some more?
Was I getting a bit more whole?

I searched high and low for that stick,
Invisible is hard to find.
How could I check my progress
This project was blowing my mind.

So I tried to fashion a stick
That could show me how far I’ve come,
It broke before I used it;
It was making me feel quite numb.

Ah forget that measuring stick:
It’s too complicated for me
I can’t read it anyway:
It’s numbers are too hard to see.

I don’t need a measuring stick
To know that my journey is right;
To trust that each step I take
Is guided by God’s holy Light.

When my pilgrimage is complete
And I enter that Heavenly place,
There’ll be no measuring stick:
Only love, acceptance and grace.


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