Dear Heart,

I’m writing to tell you the things I really want you to know. Do be patient with me: Some might be difficult to put into words; others may be hard to say in the first place.

First, I love you. You are precious. You are essential.

Next, I would like to ask your forgiveness, for the times I ignored your pain or told you to be quiet. You did have important things to tell me, but I couldn’t or didn’t want to hear you.

Sometimes, hearts are hard to understand. You can speak so softly or deliver your message in such challenging riddles. I have often misunderstood you or missed what you said altogether.

I am coming to know you more fully, as I feel your presence and honor you. I will continue to learn your language so that we communicate much better.

Meanwhile, please keep talking. Help me know God, you, myself – you are part of my Self. Keep offering wisdom, feelings, knowledge and even questions.

Without you, I am only a shadow; the sparkles in a stream without depth, that dries up as soon as the heat comes.

Thank you for being such an important part of who I am.

Much love,



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