My car was running just fine,
Till I tried to go up hill.
It dragged, sputtered and stalled;
My engine started to overheat;
I muttered ###.. I mean, “Oh dear!”

I took it to my mechanic:
He said it checked out great;
then charged me a couple hundred;
I thought I was going to faint;
But held my breath and bit my tongue.

Things continued on this way,
Good, except for uphill.
Then one day, I looked in the trunk:
And much to my surprise,
I found bags of cement.

So I removed them one by one,
which made my body ache.
They gained moisture while riding around;
No wonder my car wouldn’t go;
“Silly me,” I said to myself.

Then the most wonderful thing happen:
I found treasures among the bags:
things I had lost or forgotten;
I didn’t even know I had.
Some that were priceless to me.

Now I clean my car more often.
I make sure it has all it needs
by keeping shorter accounts;
By reviewing needs and concerns;
Now my car runs extremely well.

(Okay, so this isn’t really about cars! the point is good: As we do our work of recovery, we get rid of the “cement” and find the treasures. That does make the hard parts more endurable, yeah?)


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