I am a mosaic
Of feelings, thoughts and moods;
Tiny pieces of glass,
Put together
Until there is a picture
Of me.

Cheerful pinks and yellows
Join blues and greens to shine;
Telling happy stories
Of memories
Of hopes, joys, dreams and wishes
To be.

Then there’s whine and purple:
No error in spelling here!
Dark, subdued grays and brown
Set without cheer;
Put there by hard times and pain
In me.

Reds and oranges speak out
To tell of angry thoughts:
Of fear and injustice
Strong words and deeds
Battles lost and victory
To see.

Gold and mauve, black and white
Fill out the picture here
Of places not yet formed;
Yet unconceived,
Where past and future will meet
as me.


3 thoughts on “THE MOSAIC

  1. I just saw this quote floating around a lot over the last 36 hours, after news of Maya Angelou’s passing: “You are the sum total of everything you’ve seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot- it’s all right there.” This is what your lovely, and clever, poem brought to mind. Indeed we are mosaics; some parts don’t fit seamlessly at the edges, but if people would just stand back, they would see that the picture as a whole makes sense, and grows more beautiful in time. 🙂

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