I forgave some more today;
Acknowledged a hurtful thing;
Chose healing instead of pain.
Oh, the memory will still be there,
But it’s power will no longer reign.

I forgave again today
Let go of yesterday’s wrong;
In sweet release, I cried some.
Now my heart can open a bit more
My mind more clear, my soul less numb.

I’ll forgive from day to day,
Until I’m inwardly clean;
Till I’m free from things done wrong.
Now love and blessing can grow within;
Instead of tears, I find a song.

I seem to be in yet another season when repressed memories are coming up. As I walk through them and forgive, I find more peace and openness.
I have learned a couple of very important principles when it comes to forgiveness:
*So many of us learn that forgiving is making things okay, even when they are not. That isn’t forgiveness. Bullying, physical abuse, molestation, emotional injury and neglect are never okay.
The first step is to acknowledge that a wrong has been committed: There is no need for forgiving if this isn’t so.
Then, there is a choice to make: Will I keep the wound open by rehearsing the hurtful event, or by stuffing it?
Or will I choose to heal?
It is true that restitution is due, but I lay down the need to be paid for that wrong; the person is free from debt.

*I have also found that forgiveness is a life-long process: As I am strong and healthy enough, old memories, often harder than previous ones, will come up and ask for my attention.
*To forgive is a daily thing: Stuff happens, just as a matter of living.


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